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The contact centre industry in South Africa is ready for more! If your goal is higher customer satisfaction and improved customer service capabilities, then M-IT’s contact centre solutions give you easy access to a large pool of dedicated, skilled labour.

While people still often use the words “call centre” and “service desk” interchangeably, these are two very different things which require very different skills and support to meet and exceed customer expectations. Using our state of the art, integrated, digital telephony solutions and world-class processes we can supply all your contact centre needs, no matter how large or small.

M-IT’s experience spans all categories of contact centres: from Inbound Call Centre Solutions for customer support, client enquiries, and product help desks; to Outbound Call Centre calls and telemarketing; and Technical Service Desks for fault management, level 1 and level 2 resolution, escalation and incident management

We supply the infrastructure and systems, customised reporting so you can monitor results, and agents profiled and trained to your exact requirements.

Individual services are customised around your business needs.

Ensure you have the right contact centre partner.



Partnering for success

Our success is largely due to our collaborative approach, whereby we look at forging long-term partnerships with our clients. Therefore, progressively reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO), whilst at the same time, maintainnig high levels of the service delivery by exploiting ecomies of scale, continues improvement, and the introduction of the best-of-breed practices.



IT Health Check

Transform IT into a strategic asset by having M-IT assess your core infrastructure health. Learn how you can:

  1. Control costs 
  2. Improve security and availability
  3. Increase agility


Selective Outsourcing

CIO’s worldwide have long since realised that cost is no longer the only factor when considering outsourcing. Instead, they started looking for strategic value and speed to market as primary concerns.


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